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Hot Products
  • Slitting MachineSlitting Machine
  • Cut-To-Length MachineCut-To-Length Machine
  • cold roll forming machineCold Roll Forming Machine
  • MIC240/120 super K-span machineMIC240/120 Super K-span Machine
  • Thick Board Slitting MachineThick Board Slitting Machine
  • Pipe Welding machinePipe Welding Machine
  • PU sandwich panel linePU Sandwich Panel Line
  • Simple Slitting MachineSimple Slitting Machine
  • Thick Board Slitting MachineThick Board Slitting Machine
  • Thick board cut-to-length machineThick board cut-to-length machine
  • C purlin forming machineC Purling Forming Machine
  • Metal deck forming machineMetal Deck Forming Machine
  • Glazed Tile forming machineGlazed Tile Forming Machine
  • Upright rack forming machineUpright Rack Forming Machine
  • Downspout pipe forming machineDownspout Pipe Forming Machine
  • Gutter forming machineGutter Forming Machine
About us

Wuxi Hai Roll Fone Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of roll forming equipment machine, slitting line, cut to length line machine and related metal sheet processing equipment in China. The products cover slitting machine, cutting machine, forming machine, MIC240/120 super K-span machine, wall/roof Panel forming machine, pipe welding machine, PU sandwich panel line and other related machines, including Hemming machine, W valley machine, Cranking machine, and Ridge cap machine and so on. Those roll forming equipments are used for all sorts of sheet metal forming and the vertical and horizontal shear. The products are mainly used in the construction industry, automobile manufacturing, machine manufacturing, electronics industry and many other areas.

1. Convenient transportation: our factory is located in Wuxi city, closed to Shanghai City (two hours away), which provide short time and low-cost transportation expenses for you.
2. Full range of products: we can provide all kind of roll forming equipment which can be used to forming all kinds of shape as you required. The company can make non-standard products for client's requirement.
3. Specialized: There are specialized technical personnel and a list of experienced team responsible for quality assurance. Here are technical and skilled specialists, senior foreign trade staff and engineers...