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Downspout Pipe Forming Machine

It's one type of cold roll forming machine, the steel forming processing machine that is used to make specific section profiles by constantly and laterally forming metal plate. And its forming speed is within 10—12m/min.

Technical Parameter:
Suitable raw material: 0.3mm—1.0mm colored steel sheet or aluminum sheet.
Main motor power: 5.5Kw;
Forming speed of Downspout Pipe Forming Machine: 10-12m/min
Number of roller 19 stands
Dimension of the machine: about6000mm×800mm×1200mm
Cut-to-length tolerance:≤±2mm
Shafts diameter:Ф70mm
Control system: PLC control
Technical Parameter of Down Pipe Elbow:
Control system: Strong electrical current
Main motor power of Downspout Pipe Forming Machine: 2.2kw
bend angle: ≤900
Dimension of the machine: 1300 mm×650 mm×1500 mm

Flow chart of Downspout Pipe Forming Machine
Decoiling→ Coil sheet guiding feeding → Roll forming → Cut to length → Product packing (manual)

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