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Metal Deck Forming Machine

Technical parameter:
Roll Forming Equipment Main power: 22kw (2-11KW)
Roll stations of Metal Deck Forming Machine: 30stations
Double row 1.2 inch chain drive
Diameter of shaft: ф85mm 
Cutting system: hydraulic automatic cutting
Cutting Length tolerance: 3±1.5mm
Working speed: 12-15m/min (not including the cutting time)
Thickness: 0.6mm-1.5mm, galvanized steel sheet.
Coil input size of Metal Deck Forming Machine: 1250mm
Material of roller: 45# steel pressmen chromated
Material of blade mould: Cr12, quenched 58-62
Roll Forming Equipment Hydraulic pressure: 20Mpa
Metal Deck Forming Machine Hydraulic power: 5.5kw
Size of machine: approx 17m×1.7m×1.3m
Roll Forming Equipment Way of control: PLC control, Panasonic made in Japan
Omron encoder measures the length

Components of the whole line:
5T hydraulic decoiler, 10T hydraulic Decoiler, Roll forming machine, Hydraulic shearing system, hydraulic station, PLC control cabinet, 2 outables


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