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  • Hemming Machine
  • Hemming Machine

    Wuxi Hai Roll Fone Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of hemming roll former, slitting line, cut to length line machine and related metal sheet processing equipment in China. Hemming roll former solves the problem of roof leakage that conventional ...

  • W Valley Machine
  • W Valley Machine

    Standing Roller station: 12stations
    Size of machine: approx 6000mm×800mm×1200mm
    Working speed: 12--18m/min
    Shaft diameter: 60mm
    Way of cutting: hydraulic cutting ...

  • Cranking Machine
  • Cranking Machine

    Method of control: PLC control, Panasonic
    Main motor power:0.8KW servo motor (Yaskawa)
    Hydraulic power: 7.5 kW
    Curing degree: ≤1200
    Dimensions of Cranking Machine:3000mm×1400 mm×1400 mm ...

  • Ridge Cap Machine
  • Ridge Cap Machine

    Main power: 5.5 motor made in China
    Roller station: 13 stations
    Size of machine: approx 6.5m×1.0m×1.4m
    Rolling speed: 12--15m/min (not including the cutting)c
    Ridge Cap Forming Machine Shaft diameter: ф70mm
    Hydraulic power: 3KW ...