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PU Rolling Shutter Door Forming Machine

This PU sandwich panel line is suitable for making polyurethane panel with aluminum sheet.0.26~0.40mm.. This PU production line consists of forming machine, punching device, PU Foaming machine, PLC Control system, and so on.

Components of Polyurethane Production Line
Leveling device
Main forming machine
PU Foaming machine
Adjusting device
Punching device
Pneumatic following cutting device
PLC Control system
Finished product shelf

Technical parameter:
Suitable plate: 39 depends on the customer's profile drawing, alumnium sheet.0.26-0.40mm
PU sandwich panel line working speed: 15 m/min
Polyurethane Production Line Steps: 40
Material of roller: GCr15 advanced steel, precision-machined, high frequency quenching HRC58-62
Material of main roller: #45 advanced steel (Diameter: ф40)
Driven: Gear, Gimbals
PU sandwich panel line main power: 7.5KW
Cutting: Pneumatic following cutting
Material of cutting knife: Cr12Mov, Quench HRC58-62
Cutting power: 2.2KW
The whole machine is controlled by industry computer-PLC. Including:
Polyurethane Production Line PLC: PANASONIC (made in Japan)
Touch screen: PANASONIC (made in Japan)
PU sandwich panel line transducer: PANASONIC (made in Japan)
Dimension of the whole line: 37000mm×700mm×900mm
Polyurethane Production Line Weight: Approx. 12 Ton

The flow chart of the PU sandwich panel line:
Uncoiler→ Feeding guide equipment→ Roll-forming Machine→ Foaming machine →Adjusting device → Punching device→Flying saw cutting→ finished products on stacker

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