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MIC240/120 Super K-span Machine

MIC120k-span curved forming machine (K-Span Machine) is vehicle-mounted 120/240 forming machine. The machine has three available and profitable features. First, all necessary parts are mounted on the mobile trailer so as to transport easily. Second, the machine is suitable for site working and production. Third, all machines drive is hydraulic motors drive.

Technical parameter:
Input material width: 609mm for MIC120.914mm for MIC240
The width after forming: 305mm and 610mm
Thickness of material using K-Span Machine: 0.6-1.5mm
Roller forming station: 13stations and 15 stations
Diameter of shaft: ф60mm/76mm
Material of cutting blade: Cr12
SPAN Curved Forming Machine Transmission: 1.2inch chain drive
Material of roller: 45# forge steel. Quenching hardness HRC58○-62○Chrome coated 0.05mm
Way of cutting: hydraulic cutting

Wuxi Hai Roll Fone Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of K-SPAN curved forming machine (K-Span Machine), slitting line, cut to length line machine and related metal sheet processing equipment in China. Forming equipment solves the problem of roof leakage that conventional machine can not be able to handle with. And also, the f K-SPAN curved forming machines are national inspection-exempted products after external supervision and sampling inspection.

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