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Slitter/Cut-To-Length Combination Machine Line

It's a combination line. This slitting and cutting to length machine line is made up of 1 DC cabinet, 1 main operation cabinet, 2 accessory cabinets and PLC controlling system. It uses the interactive dialogue by the touch screen. Computer control and shows sheet length, quantity and can be run automatically. All of the 3 operation cabinets have the emergency stop button to protect the workers and equipments safety. The whole line is about 40m depending on the customers cutting length requirement.

Technical parameter:
Steel coil grade: common carbon steel
Coil thickness: 4-14mm
Feature of steel coil:δs=235 , δb=450
Coil width: 800mm-2000mm
Coil outer diameter: ф1200- ф2200mm
Coil inner diameter: ф508, ф610, ф760
Cutting length: 1000mm-12000mm
Slitter and Cutting-To-Length Combination Machine Line Coil weight: ≤ 30T
Cutting length tolerance: +/-1mm
Cutting diagonal tolerance: +/-1.5mm
11 rolls leveling
Leveling rolls diameter 210mm
Leveling speed: 0-24m/min
Slitting power: 210KW
Slitting speed: 0-20m/min
Cutting speed: 2pcs of sheet according 8m long
Sheet stacking unit, Hydraulic control and Electrical control all equipped with the Slitter and Cut-To-Length Combination Machine Line.

Components Of 4mm-14mm×20000mm Leveling And Cutting-To-Length Machine
V-shaped coil platform, hydraulic coil car, hydraulic (tapered form) decoiler, hydraulic guiding and pressing and shovel head unit, pin rolls feeding and first leveling unit, over-bridge table, guiding organ, leveling machine, slitting machine, side scrap recoiling machine, encoding length organ, hydraulic shearing machine, pinch rolls organ, hydraulic system and electrical cabinet control system , sheet dropping organ ,sheet auto-stacker table

Flow chart of Slitter and Cutting-To-Length Combination Machine Line:
Hydraulic coil car→double tapered decoiler machine---pressing and guiding--pinch rolls feeding and first leveling---guiding--leveling--edge cutting machine---side scrap recoiling machine--11 rolls leveling machine--encoding length set--hydraulic cutting--end sheet rolls feeding--packing (stacking system)

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